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   Available Pigs

Here are our available piglets from our fall litters. We have a Gloucestershire Old Spot litter due mid December. We have a Kunekune litter planned for mid March to April of 2024 and a few mid summer/early fall of 2024. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

AKKPS 38472 Wilsons Gina/Ru gilt

DOB: 8/18/2023

double wattles, even teats



AKKPS 38650 Momona/Ru gilt

DOB: 8/24/2023

double wattles, even teats



AKKPS 39779 Jenny/Ru gilt

DOB: 9/22/2023

unwattled, even teats



AKKPS 38470 Ru/Wilsons Gina boar

DOB: 8/18/2023

double wattled, even teats



Available Pork
Our pigs that are utilized as meat are humanely raised on pasture with supplemental grain. They are loved and cared for the same as our breeding stock. We have our pork processed at Hetheringtons in Clinton, MO  

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