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About Our Farm

We moved to the country after we had our first son, where we started out with a flock of six chickens. We quickly fell in love with the farm life and realized we needed more space and land for our dream farm. We purchased an old farmhouse on more land and have been working on making it our own.


In the fall of 2019 we purchased our first Kunekune gilts. We had zero experience with pigs, so we were unsure about what we were getting ourselves into. Needless to say, we fell in love with this amazing pig and things quickly took off from there. In 2022 we decided the branch off to another heritage breed pig, the Gloucestershire Old Spots. We now have an ever expanding herd of heritage pork to provide pasture pork to families in our area. We also are breaking into beef production with our small herd. We hope to provide pasture raised beef by 2024!

To help support our farm we also make a variety of goat milk soaps where we utilize our kunekune lard into the recipe. Check out our soaps page to see all our scents and scrubs. These are available May through October at our local farmers market, farm gate pickup, and we also ship! 

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