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Welcome to our farm! We raise two different heritage breed pigs: Kunekunes and Gloucestershire Old Spots. We chose both of these breeds for their docile nature, their ability to graze and forage and high quality meat. We sell our pasture raised pork at our local farmers market, small retail stores, and it's always available for farm pick up. We offer whole and half hogs when available, along with traditional cuts, brats, and sausage. Check out the 'For Sale' tab for pork availability and available piglets and adults. Feel free to contact us to get on our piglet waiting list or if you have more questions. You can follow us on Facebook for daily updates on our pigs and litters being born! We also offer humanely raised whole rabbits when available. Check out our 'soap' section to see our variety of handcrafted soaps and lip balms made with lard from our pasture raised pigs.  


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