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Meet Our Animals

ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We raise ADGA registered Nigerian dwarf goats for breeding stock, companion animals, and for their rich milk. Their milk can be used for cheese, soaps, and is great for drinking.

AKKPS Registered Kunekune Pigs

We raise AKKPS registered Kunekune pigs for breeding stock, pets, and meat production. The Kunekune breed is docile, intelligent, and produces a rich marbled meat. Our sow lines include Jenny, Momona, Aria Giana, Tapeka, Sally and Wilsons Gina. Our boar lines include Boris, Whakanui and Ru.

Fainter  Goats

We raise fainters and MGR registered fainters for companion animals, pets and for breeding. Fainters are very mellow and sweet natured goats, they make great pets!

Other Farm Friends

We also have two female Llamas, Llucy and ZuLla, a flock of chickens, three barn cats, and three rescue dogs!

Upcoming Events on the Farm

Kidding Season

January 2021

Kidding season is over for us this year, all our babies have gone to their new farms. Stay tuned for our due dates starting in January of 2021!

Kunekune Piglets

July 2020

Our Jenny x Te Whangi sow, Anna, just had a litter of 4 Jenny x Boris piglets. Marge and Tilda, our Momona x Whakanui gilts are due at the end of August with Momona x Boris piglets. Pearl is due October 3rd with Jenny x Ru piglets. Fiona is due October 6th with Sally x Ru piglets. And Alice is due October 27th with Jenny x Ru/Boris piglets Please contact us to be put on our waiting list. 

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